I am not a poet. Please do not judge it too harshly.


When the mountain looms great before you,

And you do not stand down;

When the dark of night crashes through the sky,

And you do not look away;

When the trusted advisor tells you lies,

And you are not deceived;

When the enemy comes ravening in countless droves,

And fear does not enslave you;

When there is no hope of victory,

And yet you fight on in shadows taller than God;

When friends are foes in masks,

And still you don’t surrender;

When you are unloved,

And you do not wither;

That’s strength.

When death comes and smiles toothless –

And you smile back at him –

You do not fall.

Fighting alone, in the dark, surrounded

You –

– my brave one.


You do not fall!


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